Arizona is a beautiful state no matter what time of year it is. Yes, Arizona is more commonly known as the “Valley of the Sun”, many outsiders think that Arizona is just a sunny and hot state 24 hours a day 7 days a week and that people that live here only know about heat and no nothing about a living in extreme cold weather but that is far from the truth. Arizonans get to experience all four seasons as well as those that live in other states. Arizona truly does have some of the most extreme and most beautiful weather

Arizona Winter

Before one decides to move to Arizona from another state that should really prepare themselves for the types of home maintenance necessities they will need. Roofers Phoenix are almost always on the go handling various types of roof repair and replacement projects.

Different parts of Arizona experience different forms of weather. All though the four seasons do not necessarily in the same town or city they do actually exist in Arizona. Everything from extreme heat, which Arizona is none for to high winds, heavy rains and inches and inches of snow all take place in the Valley of the Sun.

Winter Weather:

If you’re intention is to buy a house in any of the cities that are considered to be up North chances are you are going to experience snow and very heavy snow at that. Some of these cities include Flagstaff, Show Low, Prescott, Prescott Valley and Sedona, amongst other outlying cities or towns. Therefore that doesn’t only mean you will need to be purchasing all weather tires and snow chains for your vehicle it means you will need to be protecting your home from extreme weather conditions.

You will definitely need to purchase a snow shovel. Your driveway will at some point be covered in snow to the point where you cannot get out. You will need this shovel to shovel the snow out of your driveway. Believe it or not Arizona does get some pretty deep snow. In fact the average annual snowfall for Flagstaff, Arizona is 100.3 inches!

Arizona WInter Season

Other precautions you should take if buying a new home in snow country in Arizona is to check your down spouts at the beginning of the winter season before it starts to snow. It is important to make sure they are all clear that way they will have the capability of clearing any snow or ice at least 10ft away from your houses exterior walls into avoid damage there.

Many people like to turn their air conditioning and heat off while they are away from home but living in the colder areas in Arizona means it’s better to leave the heat on when you’re not home. If you turn off the heater when you’re not home it may actually cause your pipes to freeze. Unless you want to come home to a watery mess it’s best to just leave your heat running. Also definitely do let your doors and windows sills build up with snow either because one that melts it’s most likely going to leak inside.

Other things that should be done during the winter months is proper landscaping of your yard. Try to keep tries and other things as trimmed as possible. Because once the snow lands on those heavy branches that are improperly maintained that branch may fall on your house. And in case of unprepared for or unstoppable damage it is always best to make sure your renter’s or home owners insurance covers snow and ice damage.