Arizona is mostly consistent of desert which means many creepy crawly creatures lurking about. It is more common for this seemingly Arizona native beings to come hither about it the summer time. In fact in the Arizona summers black rattlesnakes quite often make an appearance not just at those houses that live on the outskirts either, they come about everywhere. While it may not be completely avoidable there are ways to rattlesnake proof a backyard. You can actually put up a small fence that partially goes into the ground to attempt to keep the snakes away. Keep trash out of your yard because trash attract rodents and rodents attract snakes. If you have a grassy yard keep it mowed also keep your weeds out because the higher the grass or weeds the easier snakes can hide. Short grass means they can hide as easily.

Arizona Desert Scoripion

Arizona is great and despite the high heat in the summer Arizona’s weather in actually pretty it allows for a lot of outdoor activities. But a very common thing to come across in the Arizona summer is scorpions, both indoors and outdoors. They can actually be detected with a black light, that may be something to invest in just in case. They are actually 35 species of scorpions in Arizona all of which are venomous. But the most commonly seen one and most concerning is the bark scorpion, it is a yellowish color and can cause intense pain to one if stung by it. That doesn’t mean that Arizona is infested with scorpions everywhere in the summertime it just means they are more commonly seen during the hotter months.

A way to prevent them from entering your home is by weather stripping and caulking. It will help seal the tiny cracks they can crawl through. Damp areas attract scorpions so it’s best to pick up an wet things laying around your house for a precaution. Wet towels after you go swimming or any piles of anything that may provide shelter and water. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to keep your house on the colder size in the summer. Scorpions prefer temperatures of 75°-95° therefore if your house air is set at a cooler temperature the scorpion will feel sluggish and will most likely venture elsewhere.

arizona rattlesnake

There are other simple things you can do to keep scorpions and other common Arizona bugs away. Simply switching your outside light from white to yellow will be less appealing to the bugs as they are more attracted to the white. Plug small spaces that scorpions may be able to enter such as places where your phone lines, electrical lines or water lines enter your home. You should also do this in your kitchen where your pipes enter your home. Have bug spray available in your home. This is not for the scorpions as bug spray doesn’t really effect them.

This is to spray other insects that scorpions feed off of. Since scorpions a re nocturnal creatures there really is also no effect in having an exterminator spray for them. It best to save yourself the money and use bug spray to destroy their food source. This will also deter them from coming to your home.

There of course are other creepy crawlies you may come across, mosquitoes and spiders. Spiders more commonly seen in Arizona are the desert recluse and brown recluse. You may come across one at some point in your Arizona living especially if you live in the less populated desert areas.