When a person lives in Arizona they have pests throughout the year in their home. There are a number of bugs that can invade the home. There are many pests that are common in the state of Arizona. They include centipedes, fleas, hornets, mice, roaches, rats, spiders, ticks, and a number of different kinds of termites. With all of these bugs it is important to use a pest control service in this state.


termitesThis is known as the silent destroyer and can hide in the home and the yard. The homeowner will not know they are there until it is too late. Termites thrive in the warm weather and can infest a home before a person knows what happens. A pest control company can come and teach the homeowner how to decrease their chances of getting termites. All water pipes and the air conditioning unit have to be in good shape and should not be leaking. The gutters of the home need to be kept clean and free of debris. Any extra mulch should be removed since this is where termites love to live.

Stinging Pests

Arizona is known to have a number of pests that sting. They include scorpions, wasps, and hornets. These pests can cause a lot of damage to the home and they can cause pain to the people that are living there. In many cases a person is told to avoid the pests themselves and call a professional exterminator right away. The exterminator will first look for the nests and safely remove it. They will then treat the home and the yard. Since scorpions can be poisonous it is best if a person allows the professionals to find and remove them.


snakeArizona is home to several types of poisonous snakes. They often come out in the spring time. The prevent snakes from coming to a home keep the yard free of wood piles and overgrown vegetation. That is the prime habitat for snakes. If a person has a snake problem call in the professionals in case the snakes are poisonous.

These are some of the common pests that affect homes in Arizona. There are some things that a person can do to keep them from invading. It is important to keep the yard in good shape and remove any unnecessary scrubs. Since these pests will be seeking out water the home should be free of areas where water can build up. When a homeowner has a problem they can also call a professional exterminator to come and treat their yard.