Yes, Arizona is most definitely and more commonly known for its 100+ degree weather almost every day during summertime. If you’re planning to by a house in the hotter parts of Arizona prepare yourself especially if you’ve never spent a summer in Arizona’s heat before. It does get hot!! Extremely hot!

Arizona Summer Home

The hottest Phoenix day actually reached an outside temperature of 122° and the hottest recorded temperature for the state was in Lake Havasu where it reached and all time record high of 128°. These are the hottest recorded temperatures in Arizona. To not feel this heat while you’re inside your home, one of the best steps you can take is to have a properly maintained air conditioning unit. Check your air filters regularly as this can make your AC stop blowing correctly if your filters are dirty.

As simple as it may seem if your new home doesn’t have an awning attached it may not be a bad idea to build one. The Arizona Sun is hot. In the summer time you will definitely feel it even if it’s just some light shining into your hope. It will still burn. An awning can actually block extra heat and sunlight from your home making it cooler on the inside.

Arizona Summer Homes

Trees in Arizona in the summer time can be both a blessing and a curse. But when it’s sunny out they provide and extreme amount of shade. If their around your house they will help to provide your home with extra coolness. If there are no trees it may not be a bad idea to consider planting some. Fans, fans and more fans for when that AC just isn’t cooling you enough from the Arizona dry heat. Ceilings fans seem to be a necessity in maintaining coolness in the summertime. They provide extra air circulation throughout the house and actually help the air conditioner to kick on less causing a slightly lower electric bill.

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